Hakuto Sake Brewery Toppage

Brewery Description

The Noto Peninsula extends out to the Sea of Japan, and the brewery is located in Wajima, on the tip of the Noto Peninsula which is also known as 'Okunoto'. Noto became the first location in Japan to be awarded the status of World Agricultural Heritage and is an area where inhabitants have been passing down a rich food culture, customs, and traditional techniques. Wajima prospered as the port of call for northern-bound ships as well as the center of shipping trade in Japan. Our brewery was founded in the early 18th century as a shipping agent and began making sake in the late Edo period (mid 19th century).

The 9th generation owner studied zymology at the university and sake brewing under a Noto brewer. He and his wife took over in July 2006 and are producing high-quality sake. (We have won honor prizes eight times at the Hokuriku Regional Sake Contest in 10 years) The brewery suffered serious damage from the Magnitude 6 Noto Peninsula Earthquake in March 2007. However, we rebuilt the brewery within the year except for one part.

We used Japanese cedar and wood that are from trees indigenous to Japan called Asunaro to build a small but well-designed brewery and made a fresh start. Although the brewery is small and produces only about 45,000 liters of sake, it makes great products. Our products have been chosen by a major Japanese airline company called All Nippon Airways to be served to their first class passengers.